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Time is Money - Tempus est Pecunia

This is a new development project to be undertaken on the Android mobile platform.


During our time as consultants, we have used various tools and technologies to try and keep current with time and expenses. A typical business trip requires us to track anywhere between 50 and 100 receipts and the time working on multiple simultaneous projects. We have yet to find the tool that is quite the perfect match for our way of working. We are a small company and everyone is expected to work on multiple sets of tasks. 

To try and make our lives easier, we will develop an application to track time and expenses against Freshbooks, a rather excellent yet simple Invoicing system.

We are currently waiting on OAuth approval from Freshbooks.

Once the application is tested to our satisfaction, we will release it into the Android market. If there is a desire to also release to the Amazon market, please let us know.